Friday, October 20, 2006

*insert something witty here as it's too early*

I finished the child's sweater last night, I'm not sure I love the way it turned out but meh it's too late now. The Debbie Bliss pattern I used was so full of mistakes it bordered on the ridiculous but thank god I've been knitting long enough to know how to fix such things.

I would have had the child model it for me yesterday but he was in this kind of a mood

So since I finished that, I started on my fingerless gloves from magknits out of SWS natural plum

And this pretty much describes my mood, although I have had coffee it's not kicking in..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Things I should have been doing tonight...

~Cleaning my office
~Folding Laundry
~Winding that damn afghan yarn up
~Working on the sweater

Things I actually did to tonight

~played nintendo with the child
~played castle with the child
~Screwed with my blog.

Monday, October 09, 2006

A day at the farm, and rip it rip it good.

So yesterday we visited my city's historical farm, I haven't been there since visiting on a field trip in elementary school so I thought it was very cool. It's a shame I couldn't get picture of the spinning wheel they had there *drool* but I figured they'd frown upon that. I did pet a sheep and told it that I was coming back later that night to shear her or him I have no idea how to tell gender in sheep.

Here is my child taking his first pony ride, I think he dug it. Before we got there he looked at me horrified when I told him he could ride a pony, no idea what he was expecting lol.

This is my family in front of a carriage that was apparently ridden on by President McKinley, this photo will also appear in their photo album up at the farm, lucky me I look like a putz.

I did get about 6 inches accomplished on the sweater I'm making for X while riding around in the car most of the day. It's a Debbie Bliss pattern I'm sort of adapting, I may put a cable onto the front, and I'm using bulky yarn. I truly hope this thing turns out.

I solved my afghan dillema and started ripping the sucker out, I do not feel much remorse, I think dyed a different color (because bright red looks terrible on me) this yarn will make a nice sweater.

And last but not least my skull lace scarf, can you see the skull sort of? I suck at photography at 8 am for sure.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Forever ago (like think 2 plus years) I started this afghan with the best of intentions. I had planned to do my LR in red, and figured I'd make a matching afghan. Well 2 years later LR is gold, and sofa is way to dark a red to match my afghan. I am almost done with the silly thing, but I just don't want it, it's 100% wool and it will need hand washing *twitch* add into all the zillions of mistakes I made and I'm probably going to have to rip back 10 or so rows, then find where I'm supposed to be. If I rip it out I could easily dye the yarn black or whatever and make something else. Probably a lot of something else's actually lol.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Old Lady blanket you are mine biotch!

Through an unbearable headache I tediously weaved in 1000 or so little ends today, but now I can say that I am finally finished with this sucker! Here it is in all it's old lady glory, I have no idea what I find so appealing about this blanket but I just love it. I'm considering making one for my LR in different colors of course. Maybe the headache is making me insane?

Seriously on a level of 1-10 on the tedius scale I think this fucker scores a 20, huge pain in the ass, but a lovely end result. I will say that this sucker is HEAVY, I have no idea why I'm surprised by this fact, but yeah it weighs a ton. And it matches my bedroom perfectly, unfortunately I couldn't get my sack of a husband off the bed to photograph it in there.

Next up? Finish this neverending skull scarf.