Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring break blog.

The week of spring break was....interesting. The weather sucked the whole entire week for one thing. I also had to put one of my cat's to sleep, his kidney's were failing and he was quite sick. Then to top it all off I got a job, I am the newest salesfloor wench at Target. Amazingly none of this interfered with me finishing another pair of socks lol, the sign of a true addict I suppose.

Cruddy cell phone pic me = lazy.

To top off the craziness we've decided to get a puppy. My child is at a good age for a dog and I really need another furry creature to love. I am probably insane. I am also thinking about starting a sweater for said furry creature that I don't have yet, so I am probably doubly insane.

Now hurry up weather and get nice, I am tired of chasing my blown away lawn chairs out of the neighbor's yard.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

OMG two posts in one day! I tried to update my sidebar, and I'm sure I missed a shitload of people so if I missed you leave me a comment yo. I tried to change my template back in September and lost everything, you can see how motivated I am with it being April and me just fixing it now.


It's April 4th and the snow is coming! I hate Ohio. At least I'll have warm socks to wear when the weather gets ugly ;).

Jaywalkers made out of my handdyed that I messed up (it bled and I didn't have the striping right). The merino/silk is luscious. I have started yet another pair of socks, monkey from Knitty's winter edition. I still haven't touched my sweaters, and I have a bunch of yarn left to dye. And spring break is next week which means I will get nothing done.