Thursday, October 02, 2008

I finished some things, wish I could finish everything.

I've got a bit on my plate right now, I just signed up for school, the holidays (my god how did this season get upon us ALREADY??), and I'm trying to finish/start projects left and right. Not to mention chase a semi mobile baby who seems intent on hurting himself at every turn.

I finished these with the yarn I dyed from my previous post. I think they turned out quite nicely, the super cute model helps too!

And another, but really all your seeing is the back of the head because, he cannot sit still anymore.

Somewhat creepy sock monkey butt, I charted out this pattern and when I was knitting it I realized, wow this looks a little uh posessed. At least it's on the heiny. Yes it needs a second leg, I HATE grafting anything which is why it's been sitting with one leg for a week. Need to get on that badly.

Now someone tell me how he went from this:

To this:

And this:

Not to mention this: (check out those hammy ham legs!)

In only a short 9 months! The first year a wild trip man.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great work! And baby Trent is just so beautiful!
- Plucky

10/09/2008 06:14:00 AM  

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