Monday, September 01, 2008

content and peektures

I swear I'm so lazy I have to force myself to photograph stuff anymore. Anyway here are the diapers I've sewn so far, they will be for sale on etsy when I have a few more made *hint nudge*

I have not been knitting much of anything but I finally got some inspiration and found a skein and a half of the bare merino dk from knitpicks, so I got out my dye and dyed it for pirate longies and perhaps a matching hat. The black got slightly felted because I'm an impatient idiot, but it's not unusable so that's good. The other skein is cranberry red. The sun was awful at 8am, behind the yarn is my 87 honda, yes it still runs.

Look who's crawling away!

Geeze mom want to stop blinding me with that flash?


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