Monday, November 20, 2006

The holidays, knitting plans, etc.

I am not holiday knitting this year (which I'm sure is really obvious since I haven't mentioned it), the lack of appreciation I got for last years stuff has made me not want to take the time or the effort or spend the money. But the nice thing is it frees up my time to selfishly knit for myself :P.

Still working on my top down raglan, when I've got the entire catskull chart done I will take a picture of it. It's actually going rather fast, I'm only a few stripe repeats from the body being complete, knitting in the round = love.

For a time I thought I was sick of knitting in general, but now I've come to realize that I'm just sick of knitting patterns. I've felt very uninspired about the things I've seen. So I'm branching out to copying store sweaters and designing my own. This will be my first project after I finish my current sweater...

I also would love to copy this minus the hood..

I have two other ideas that I need to think further one, one involves a ballet wrap type lace sweater (think razor's edge from s&b nation) but with kimono type sleeves, and the other some sort of tunic with short sleeves.

And now I must clean because I'm having people over for thanksgiving :|.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


I've been stashbusting this fall and so far to good results.

I made this scarf out of patons merino/knitpicks merino. I think this is the biggest intarsia project I ever mastered...

and here's one with more detail of the skulls

And I started a top down raglan with cat skull intarsia on the sleeves. Hopefully I'll finish it in the next 3000 years.