Thursday, July 27, 2006

Stenciling part deux..

I haven't forgotten about my blagh, but it actually took a freaking month to get my t-shirts, absolutely insane. I wanted American Apparel t-shirts because I heard they were great to stencil on (and that's absolutely true btw), so I ordered from one comnapy that I had to file with paypal to get my money back *rollseyes*, finally I just got them from another company which rocked my socks, if you need t-shirt blanks (they have printed ones too!) is fabulous.

Here's the original picture that I changed in photoshop... That's Jean Harlow btw.

Here it is stenciled on my shirt.. (it's slightly distorted because part of it's over my boobs, lol).

And I made a skirt out of jeans too..

I've been knitting, a skull lace scarf, but other than that I'm over knitting for the time being.