Sunday, January 21, 2007

Finally finished some stuff..

Yes I have!

Xander's Train Socks
Pattern: Nada, got the intarsia out of Style your Own Kid's Knits

Xander's Spiderman Afghan
Pattern: Here

Bonus crocheted spider because after I finished the blanket he asked me where the spider to go into the web was.

Pair number 2 of fingerless convertible mittens (stash project)
Pattern: Magknits

And last but not least, all the supplies for my first from scratch skirt:

Notice the yardstick, it's so lame lol, that's all they had at the store. A quilter does not live here!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Well well well..

Look who's updating or something. I'm thrilled that the holiday craziness is over and things are more or less back to normal.

Knitting has been sporadic at best other than making things for other people, for sale or whatnot.

I made this bag for a friend:

Other than the fact that I can't tie a ribbon to save my life, she likes it a lot.

I also made a pair of socks for someone's child and a few hats for someone else's children, but I was too lazy/busy/distracted to photograph either before they went out.

I do have plans to make stuff though, and I have a few WIPs so hopefully I'll have more to show for myself next update.

My lists stuff to make/WIP..

~Train socks for Xander 50% complete
~Awesome striped catskull head top down raglan for moi 70%ish (I so need to finish this but everytime I look at it I don't want to work on it)

Stuff to Make:

~This for Xander
~A star rug for my LR since it's impossible to find a rug that I actually like.
~Cabled hoodie with fur lined hood like the one I posted a pic of a few entries back.
~New convertable mittens since I lost one of mine at the tree farm. Doh!
~From scratch sewed skirt, from Sew What? Sew Skirts (a great book btw, especially for sewing dummies like myself)

I will end this by showing off my little artist, this is the child that was so not into crayons or drawing etc at the beginning of the school year:

Snake in a Cage! Way to cute not to share :D