Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Poor neglected blog.

I've been so lazy about updating this thing, possibly because knitting has lost a lot of it's charm lately. I did finish the shawl for my dh's grandma, it was great to get that big project done.

I've also taken up a new crafty thing, stenciling. I'm loving it so far just because it's fast, well that and cheap, yarn isn't cheap.

My first t-shirt :D, it's not perfect I could have put the paint on a little thicker in areas, but for a first ever thing it's not so bad, I chopped the stencil out with an exacto knife on freezer paper. Yes it's political, if you don't like it bite my ass ;).

I just finished a stencil of Jean Harlow (who I adore <3) I'm just waiting for my t-shirts to get here to stencil on.

I've almnost finished this: http://carodanfarm.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/product348.html I'm like 5 inches away from completion, but I just can't get motivated.

And my other non knitting project, my living room.

I'm starting work on my kitchen too, again with the motivation.