Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I've been doing stuff!

Yes I have, winter is just plain crafty season because well it's cold and crappy, this winter especially.

Stuff made from my fabric haul:

Pocket Fitted Diapers:

And another, the baby can no longer not hang off of me, look at my gawjus knees!

They're all green faux 'minky' inners, if you're not a sewing person you probably have no clue what minky is, it's like a soft soft almost velvet almost fur.

Pocket diapers:

They don't have snaps yet in that pic, they do now. The red one has royal blue snaps, the black one has yellow, and the ocean colored one has black.


I've almost used up all the pul and suedecloth I bought for next to nothing. I just need to make some AIOs now and I'll be good.

Last but not least, the reason I shouldn't ever make knitted toys... The awful, wonky sad looking turtle. I started this last February and just now got around to sewing it up, I know why I hesitated so long now.

I also made Xander a hat, and am starting the sleeves for a sweater for Trent, it has an intarsia T on the chest, so cute!