Friday, July 11, 2008

Yeah soooo...

I'm not dead! And I've been doing stuff! I don't have all the pictures of all the stuff but I have some of the pictures of some of the stuff. Some of the stuff is in the baby's room with the sleeping baby and well you know you are never EVER to wake up a sleeping baby.

I've made 2 pairs of wool shorties one pair is for sale for $25 *wink nudge*, and three soakers. I also sewed up a cloth diaper, and a blankie for Trent.

For sale shorties, decided they were just too pink for the boy, yes I'm terribly sexist, what can I say?

Peace sign soaker:

Pocket Fitted diaper from Rita's Rump Pocket pattern. Not bad for my first attempt at diaper making, considering I'm definitely not a seamstress.

I'm currently trying to come up with some sort of side snapping fleece/suedecloth pocket diaper for my kiddo and possibly to sell so I'll be looking for testers, if you want to try one cheap let me know. I'm not sure who even reads here anymore and or has babies or cloth diapers, lol.